We’re an Eco-friendly Company

Eco Design

Let us help you care for your yard and the rest of the planet at the same time! We now offer ecological landscape management, making your green even greener. Here is what the program entails.

  • The positive and negative aspect of your yard are reviewed and analyzed in detail (insect populations, effects of previous treatments, etc.)
  • Your plant health is assessed, and proper feeding and fertilizing are determined.
  • Your soil is reviewed for turf density, light issues, moisture levels.
  • Your property is monitored for beneficial ecology including birds, butterflies, bees, etc.
  • We begin a process to eliminate all pesticides and synthetic fertilizers from the landscape.

We will develop a treatment plan. Treatment can include but is not limited to: release of beneficial insects, release of beneficial microbes, organic fertilizers, food sources and soil/foliar amendments and organic treatment for pests. Notes are made on irrigation and beneficial insect attractants.

Plant Health Care

Plants and trees need a healthy environment to thrive, just like humans do.

Plant Health Care (PHC) in its broadest terms is a holistic approach to keeping your entire landscape healthy, lush and beautiful, using the most environmentally-friendly practices possible.

Individual Treatment

Each property should have its own plant health care program based on its environmental makeup which includes existing plants and diseases, insects and diseases transferred from implants and animals, soil composition and erosion, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area, construction, climate, sun, wind, drainage patterns and much more.